Quality counts

with impact

You want content that appeals to the reader’s emotions? Text that captures the reader’s attention and drives engagement? And all without having to tear your hair out? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Birgit Spalt-Zoidl liegt neben ihrem Hund auf dem Boden und die beiden geben sich ein High Five.
Birgit Spalt-Zoidl sitzt auf einer Couch und blickt gerade nachdenklich lächelnd nach oben, während sie in ein oranges Notizbuch schreibt.
Use the power of words

And leave the competition in the dust

I love language and I’m fascinated by all of its possibilities – which is why I always find it sad when people fail to tap into its full potential. The world is full of boring, interchangeable texts filled with errors both large and small. And this is exactly why high-quality content makes you stand out from the crowd!

Use its power for clear and unambiguous communication that takes your customers where you want them to go and – at the same time – is a joy to read.

It’s all in the details

Good content makes a real difference!

Builds trust in your company

People like knowing who you are and what you stand for.

Advertises your services effectively

It’s tailored to your target audience and meets your customers where they are.

Is memorable (for all the right reasons)

Your creative, exceptional copy sets you apart from the competition.

The art of storytelling

How to paint a picture with words

There are many reasons why people hire copywriters: lack of time, feeling overwhelmed or uninspired … or the understanding that writing impactful marketing content requires a great deal of expertise. This is where I come in.

I want to help your company succeed through truly excellent marketing content with the right balance of wit, emotions and word confetti.

When your customers read about your latest ice cream flavours in your newsletter, their mouths should water.

Birgit Spalt-Zoidl blickt fröhlich grinsend nach oben auf in der Luft herumfliegendes Konfetti.
Tailor-made text

From blog posts to
website texts

Every text has its own unique purpose and needs to be tailored to the medium where it’s being published – on Instagram, it’s important to keep things short and sweet; on your website, you need to skilfully guide the reader where you want them to go; and on your blog, you need to keep the reader engaged and reading to the very end of your posts.

I have a great deal of experience with all kinds of texts, and I know exactly what I need to keep in mind when crafting your content. Plus: SEO is never an afterthought, and I’ll incorporate keywords and important links into your copy naturally so that it’s still a joy to read.

Copywriting collaboration

No project is too big or small

Are you looking for a one-text stand or a long-term cooperation? A partner you can rely on? Whatever you’re looking for, I’m happy to support you for once-off projects as well as on a regular basis.


One-time project
Nahaufnahme einer Hand, die in ein oranges Notizbuch schreibt.

I’m happy to assist you with all kinds of one-time copywriting projects

Perfect for anyone who:

• Wants to see what it’s like to work with me
• Only needs copywriting services occasionally
• Usually handles their own copywriting, but would like a professional to review high-priority texts

Long-term partnership
Nahaufnahme von Händeschütteln.

I particularly enjoy establishing long-term partnerships with my clients.

Perfect for anyone who:

• Wants to outsource lots of copywriting work
• Wants to make sure that the tone of voice is always perfectly met and all the texts are consistent
• Enjoys when a collaboration makes their life easier, not harder

birgit spalt kundenstimmen agentur
Birgit Spalt-Zoidl zeigt einem Kunden etwas auf dem Laptop

Happy clients,
happy me!

Client feedback

Other services

I have even more
to offer you

Transcreation & translation

Want to tap into a new market? Great! I’m happy to help you localise your content into German while making sure that the translated text has the same impact as the original.

Tone of voice &
style guide

Let’s determine the best way for your company to communicate so that everybody who writes content – from team members to external copywriters – knows your company’s voice.

Got questions or want to work with me?

Birgit Spalt-Zoidl lächelt freundlich in die Kamera.
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