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Transcreation is marketing translation done right. If you’ve had enough of ineffective, unnatural word-for-word translations, then it’s time to work with a professional who brings creativity, sensitivity and cultural awareness to the table.

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Birgit Spalt-Zoidl sitzt auf einer Couch und schreibt in ein oranges Notizbuch, unscharf im Vordergrund sind auf einem Tisch Blumen und zwei Bücher.
Translation done right

Terrific transcreation takes you further

I know it. And if you’re being honest, you do too. If you want to be successful on an international market, Google Translate just won’t cut it.

To establish a connection with your target audience, you need wit. And cultural sensitivity. And snappy style. And emotions.

That’s the only way to paint a picture with words. That’s how we can feel the warmth of the sun on our faces in the middle of a freezing cold winter. That’s how we elicit real emotions – and establish a real connection. And only then is your marketing translation effective.

Because it’s about emotions. Not words.

Often, when you read a transcreation, it can be hard to recognize the original text it’s based on – instead of translating each word, one by one, transcreation is about writing a text that elicits the same response in the target culture.

And that’s not so easy. After all, things that work well in one culture might not make any sense in another. For example, when an American clothing company tries to sell a varsity jacket in Europe, European customers might have a hard time connecting to the feeling of scoring a touchdown.

These are the moments when transcreation builds a bridge between cultures to take the ideas behind the words and express them effectively for a new audience.

Birgit Spalt-Zoidl strahlt in die Kamera und hält links und rechts von ihrem Gesicht einen Football und einen Fußball.
The bare minimum is not enough

Which is why I always
go above and beyond

Source text check

Trust me – no one reads a text as closely as a translator. And because I care about your success, I’m here to offer you feedback about your source text.

Mini style guide

I offer all new clients a mini style guide free of charge – this is a practical tool to guarantee that any future copywriters know exactly what your brand voice sounds like.

Cultural understanding

Translation or transcreation: I offer you localised content that is tailored to your target audience and its culture. After all, this is the only way for you to achieve your goals.

From A to Z

The path to your translation

Nahaufnahme einer Hand, die mit einem Holzkugelschreiber etwas in ein oranges Notizbuch schreibt.

Preliminary meeting

At the start of every translation project, I make sure to find out exactly what you need. We discuss the objective of the translation as well as the tone of voice your company uses, who the target audience is and how you want your company to be perceived.

Translation phase

Once I have the final version of the source text, I start with the translation. During this process, I read the source text with a critical eye and let you know about any errors or inconsistencies I may find. It’s also possible that I may have questions about certain passages, or I may realise that some aspects of the text won’t work in the target culture and will need to be adapted accordingly.

Feedback round for transcreation

If your translation project requires a lot of transcreation, I will include a round of feedback because this usually means I have offered you several possible versions of key sections, like headlines. Together we will then select the version that will work best with your international target audience.

Finalisation and delivery

In this step, I implement any feedback from you and finalise all translations. Depending on the project, this is also the time when I would work with an external proofreader. Once everything is ready, you will receive your translation in the agreed-upon format and can use it without restrictions.
Birgit Spalt-Zoidl zeigt einer Kundin etwas auf dem Laptop
Birgit Spalt-Zoidl zeigt einer Kundin etwas auf dem Laptop.

Happy clients,
happy me!

Client feedback

Other services

I have even more to offer you

Copywriting & content creation

If you’re tired of writing your own copy, I’d be happy to do it for you – your blog articles, social media posts, newsletters, website texts and more are in good hands with me.

Tone of voice
& style guide

Let’s determine the best way for your company to communicate so that everybody who writes content – from team members to external copywriters – knows your company’s voice.

Got questions or want to work with me?

Birgit Spalt-Zoidl lächelt freundlich in die Kamera.
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